Compression Cold Therapy

A natural solution to help reduce pain and inflammation associated with migraine headaches and sports injuries

Form Fitting Design

Made of incredibly soft micro fiber polyester with acupressure designed gel packs made to stretch and fit comfortably on any shaped head

Full Head Coverage

Enjoy heavenly on-demand relief that's safe for men, women and children!

How IceBeanie Works


Always on my computer & I was looking for some relief when I came across this product on Instagram. I decided to give it a go & was very pleased with the relief it provided me, so much that I now use it daily & have told many friends about it as well! A+

Ice Beanie is an amazing instant relief when your headache strikes! Being a Migraine sufferer my whole adult life and have tried all medications and remedies.. this is definitely my first go to right from the onset of pain. I highly recommend this product for instant relief! Happy Health!

So glad I got the ice beanie. I use it at work a lot and it is such a big help with my headaches.

Wow what a fantastic product! I suffer from migraines and this was fantastic to wear during my last one. It was the perfect amount of pressure and the cold lasted a long time. I was Able to also pull it down over my eyes and that felt amazing too.

Shipping was fast.. Customer service was excellent and I highly Recommend this product ..

I use this for other aches and pains also !!

My husband has horrible migraines due to his TBI’s. I ordered this for him to try and he really likes it. Plus he’s able to lay comfortably without trying to hold an ice pack on his head.

Love this thing. Cools off your whole body. Helps migraines and awesome for summer yard work!

My husband was having headaches so I bought him this for Christmas and he loves it!

Wow this thing really helps with my migraines and headaches and it’s really comfortable .. definitely recommend

I got a headache, and was able to easily use this hat to cool my head and help my headache. It has multiple icepacks that are in the cap so easy to put on my head, the ice packs stay in the cap, the material is nice and a little stretchy and the hat is adjustable.

This product works amazing!!! I received my product quickly and immediately put it in the freezer. The next day I got a migraine. I used the Ice-Beanie and it worked great! Migraine was gone so fast and I was able to get back to work within hours. I would recommend the IceBeanie to everyone

This is the best invention ever for headaches/migraines. You can wear it doesn't move, and the ice completely around your head feels amazing!!