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Instant Migraine Pain Relief x3

$101.87 $119.85 saving $17.98
Instant Migraine Pain Relief x3

Instant Migraine Pain Relief x3

$101.87 $119.85 saving $17.98
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Feel Your Migraine Pain Melt Away

If you or loved one suffer from debilitating chronic migraines, you understand how deeply painful they can be. 

A simple over-the-counter headache pill is rarely sufficient for treating migraines. People who experience migraines often require prescription medication or medical treatment to cope with their symptoms.

IceBeanie is a drug-free and scientifically proven method using cold therapy to reduce inflammation, swelling, and relief from headaches and migraine pain.

Our cold therapy compression method provides FULL head coverage that’s safe for men, women, and children!

How to use: 

  • Simply place your IceBeanie in the freezer (allow up to 60 minutes in the freezer for the gel packs to reach the desired temperature). 
  • Place the IceBeanie on your head for instant migraine pain relief.

KEEP ONE HANDY — The stylish design allows you to wear the IceBeanie discreetly while at work, at home, or outdoors. We recommend our customers to keep one IceBeanie in the freezer at home and the office.

SOFT AND DURABLE — The IceBeanie is not only adjustable to any head size, but the fabric is also incredibly soft and made of durable polyester. It will outlast your migraines.

OTHER USEFUL USAGES — The IceBeanie can come handy in different situations when cold therapy and compression is recommended. The IceBeanie is ideal for natural relief of migraines, headaches, concussions, hangovers, chemo recovery, TBI, tension, fevers, stress, inflammation, sports injuries, and more!

 Fast Pain Relief For Adult and Children
 Washable and Reusable
 Full Head Coverage - One Size Fit All
 Instant Soothing Therapeutic Experience